Peppermint Vanilla Air Freshener and a…GIVEAWAY!!

Peppermint plant

Coaching Home Healers Club has been going much better than we dreamed!  Everyone is having fun learning about doTERRA’s Peppermint Essential Oil this month.  We’ve learned a lot of interesting facts.

One of the things that we’ve learned is that bears like sweet things such as peppermint and cinnamon!  So, I’m making sure that my husband doesn’t use the peppermint before hunting this summer! :)

Did you know that Peppermint can also increase memory potential?   A learning experience is always enhanced with a little bit of peppermint! Some of the best ways to use peppermint is to diffuse, inhale, rub it on the back of your neck, or put a drop under your tongue.

Here’s an awesome recipe that Jill from The Prairie Homestead shared with us:

Peppermint Vanilla Air Freshener:

1 cup water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/8 cup vinegar
10-15 drops of Peppermint EO
Pinch of Epsom Salts (to help oil disperse in water)

Mix all ingredients, then allow to sit for several hours. (So everything has a chance to meld) Shake well, then use as you would any other spray-type air freshener.

The purpose of the vinegar is to combat odors– it shouldn’t be too noticeable, especially after a few minutes.

Want to join in the fun?  Come on over!  All we ask is that you have the oil for that month, use it and tell us about your experience(s).  

And now….the Giveaway!!

In June, we will be learning about Lavender and the great things it can do for us!
Lavender is good for all the following:  sleep aid, rashes, burns, cuts, bruises, teething, ear aches, relaxing, calming, and so much more
I am giving away one 5ml bottle of CPTG Lavender Essential oil.
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  1. 5


    We have just started using our oils! I am learning so much. But so far, I am loving spritzing a lavender/water combo on my sheets at night before bed! I also like to use it in the tub with eucalyptus and Epsom salt. Heavenly… especially after breaking your back in the garden. : )

  2. 6


    Thanks for the generous giveaway! I've never used lavender oil before. Heart it's great for calming down pets. I got a horse and a dog who could benefit from the calming effect of lavender oil during Fourth of July fireworks!

  3. 21


    Love Lavender!! I have used all of mine making a mix of LLP and raw honey for allergies. I think Lavender will be a necessary order every month. :) Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. 22


    I use lavender oil in a few of my homemade cleaners. I also use it in my bedroom to help relax me after a long day. I love the smell.

  5. 23


    I love lavender as a scent as it is very calming, but I have not been blessed to experience the EO….but I reaalllllly want to!!

  6. 27


    I use lavender EO along with peppermint in my homemade cleaning solution. I begin with vinegar, water and a little castile soap, then add about 10 drops each of lavender and peppermint oils. It smells wonderful and has no effect on my asthma.

  7. 29


    I just started using EO's a few months ago…lavendar is one of my most used oils and use it often mixed with other ones because of the healing properties it seems to have….


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