DIY Furniture Polish

DIY Furniture Polish

I LOVE this DIY Furniture Polish!!  It has worked wonderfully, especially when we moved a couple years ago and my grand piano got gouged and scratched up pretty badly.  Some friends were trying to help us, but didn’t realize what they were moving was precious cargo!

I was so disappointed and heartsick over those gouges that I was ready to cry!  I was out of my normal dusting spray, and knew that I would need something pretty strong to help my piano recover from the shock.  I pulled out my Olive Oil and Lemon Essential Oil and went to work!

When my husband came home that evening, I asked him to look at my piano and tell me what he thought.  He looked at the piano and then at me, and said, “What am I supposed to be seeing?  It’s just your piano!”  Yep, he’s a typical male and doesn’t have very good powers of observation  :)

I pointed out where the gouges had been and he was really impressed (I think he was just trying to humor me at this point).  The gouges were now just scratches and you could barely see them!!  I still have to apply the furniture polish every now and then, but it still looks great!   (Sorry, but I didn’t think to take before and after photos.)

This DIY furniture polish has been a lifesaver for me, and I have never purchased furniture polish or dusting spray again!  

DIY Furniture Polish

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil  (Note: You can use other oils, such as un-scented coconut, if you are concerned that the olive oil will turn rancid, but I’ve not had that problem even after using this recipe for over 2 years.)

4-6 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Mix in a small container.  Apply and rub in a circular motion.

You can change out the Lemon oil for White Fir, but I prefer the fresh lemony scent!  I’ve also used other oils just to have a different smell, but I always go back to the Lemon.  There’s just something about that fresh scent and clean look you just can’t beat!

Do you make your own furniture polish?  I would love to hear your recipes! :)

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    Elke Wall ClarkElke Wall Clark says

    Never put olive oil on a wooden surface, the oil will get rancid after a few months and you will never get the smell out of the wood! Terrible information, you should retract this post.

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